Spectralink Easy Take Up Program

For Microsoft Lync Users

Spectralink UKSpectralink offers the only wi-fi and DECT handsets approved by Microsoft for use with Microsoft Lync. They provide fully featured, Lync integrated, unified communications solutions over internal wireless enterprise infrastructure.

Microsoft Lync

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Siracom offers a range of services which help enterprises to evaluate these solutions, and safely integrate Spectralink products in to their production networks backed up with some key service offerings:


Using infrastructure, handsets and a variety of devices provided by Siracom, either at our premises or on customer premises we demonstrate Spectralink’s VoIP and UC functionality. Our facilities include wireless access points and controllers, Lync server, Spectralink devices and a range of windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices.

Proof of Concept

Where an organisation wishes to use their own test, integration, or production network to trial the solution, Siracom offers assistance with configuration and integration as well as the loan of appropriate hardware.

Network Readiness Assessments and Wireless Design

To deliver optimum voice quality and communication reliability it is important to ensure that the underlying wired and wireless infrastructure is designed and configured to meet the requirements of the devices and the applications that they will be running.

Siracom offers services which evaluate the suitability of existing infrastructure, and / or specify new infrastructure to support the wireless requirements of the enterprise. These services include.

  • Wi-Fi Voice readiness survey
    This is a physical site survey where our engineers measure parameters of existing wi-fi,such as signal strength, signal resiliance, noise, and interference, in all of the areas where Wi-Fi voice will be required, and report on the suitability of coverage.
  • Wi-Fi Configuration / Capability evaluation
    This is an evaluation of the current access points and their configuration , to establish whether the technology is suitable for a UC implementation and whether configuration changes (QoS etc) are required to ensure voice quality and communication reliability
  • Wi-Fi Virtual survey
    This is a simulation of existing or proposed environments which enables us to estimate where access points should be placed to provide suitable coverage for a UC implementation
  • Wi-Fi Site survey
    This is a physical site survey where our engineers use wi-fi access points which we provide, and measure coverage parameters to design a network with suitable coverage for a UC implementation.
  • Implementation
    Our engineers are available on site to assist with the planning, project management, installation and documentation of the Spectralink and wi-fi solutions, working along side existing Microsoft Lync, and network infrastructure teams to ensure smooth implementation.

What Next?

To discuss your requirements or request any of the above services please contact Siracom or your Spectralink representative.