Teaching and Learning Using Personal Mobile Devices

Many educational establishments at every level are striving to deliver teaching and learning to students via personal network connected, mobile devices.

At Exertis we focus on infrastructure, the underlying equipment required to provide safe, secure access to appropriate content, simultaneously for all students, with high performance reliability and simplicity.

Devices and applications also require specialist attention. Whether you are considering school purchased devices or a parental contribution scheme, a Laptop Scheme, or a Tablet Scheme, with Windows, Android or Apple, Exertis has the infrastructure a reseller partner or ecosystem partner that can help.

Exertis has assembled an end to end infrastructure solution based on best of breed products, which are interoperability tested.

We call it TALENT, our Teaching and Learning Education Network Template.

Template for Teaching and Learning Using Personal Mobile Network Devices


TALENT is a cost effective template for connectivity, security and internet safety.

It offers fast, simple, reliable access to appropriate education resources in a safe secure environment.

It covers the campus and extends to the home.


TALENT is based on best of breed solutions from Fortinet, Bradford Networks and Lightspeed Systems, and can integrate with popular wired infrastructure and existing security systems end to end solution.

It is an end to end solution that can be purchased as a whole, or as individual components to be integrated with other equipment. It covers:

  • PEOPLE: TALENT supports every class of user (e.g. staff, students and guests, or yr7, yr8, yr9 students etc.) and enables differentiation between them.
  • DEVICES: TALENT is device agnostic – supporting all of the popular education devices and operating systems.
  • WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE: It provides a wireless infrastructure which supports high densities of mobile, roaming users, running multimedia education and communication applications.
  • SECURITY: TALENT provides secure access to the network, safe access to the internet, and access to appropriate content.
  • MANAGEMENT: It offers end to end management and reporting, covering the infrastructure and extending to Mobile Device Management.

SERVICES WRAPPER: TALENT provides access to expertise to help with device decisions and information on topics such as parental contributions, device insurance, and grants. It is sold installed and supported by our channel of approved resellers




It brings together manufacturers, resellers, consultants and related organisations to deliver all of the advice and expertise required to deliver a solution for teaching and learning using personal mobile network connected devices. These partners form the Exertis Ecostructure

If you are an  education reseller looking to join our TALENT program or a school, college or university that would like more information please contact us.


Siracom Talent Data Sheet DownloadOur range of products offer a coherent end-to-end solution that provides fast, reliable, safe, secure network infrastructures within eduction – enabling teaching and learning using personal mobile network devices.

We call this our Teaching and Learning Education Network Template (TALENT)

Download the TALENT Datasheet here