Outdoor Wireless Networks

Having an instant connection to the web is becoming an expectation with Smartphone users – not to mention other devices, such as iPads and tablets, that connect online to download and share data.

high density outdoor wireless networksThis is especially true of  sport and entertainment events and places where large numbers of people congregate:

  • Event organisers want to engage the audience with promotional information, video replays and gaming propositions.
  • Users want to share experiences there and then and demand access so they can update their social networking accounts, tell their friends about the latest goal, or share photos and videos with colleagues directly.

High Density Wireless Networks

Three of the issues with traditional wireless networking products have been:

  • How to cope with a high-density of users battling for wireless connectivity whilst providing a reliable service through all areas of the event location.
  • How to support high volumes of guest traffic whilst retaining a functioning wireless network for business applications such as point of sale and  IP telephony.
  • How to provision controlled  access to the wireless network for the multitude of devices trying to connect with different privileges, priorities and security profiles for different classes of guest and employee.

Outdoor Access Points for Wireless Networking

Client  performance and reliability  issues in a high density wireless environment are not  resolved by adding more access points.  The addition of wireless access points just creates more co-channel interference, which reduces performance and increases the number of black spots.

Exertis – Outdoor Wireless Networks in the UK

At Exertis, we distribute ground-breaking technology that solves the problem of design and implementing reliable high density outdoor wireless networks that can cope with the demands of video streaming, IP Telephony, point of sale and web browsing.

Utilising the Fortinet unique single-channel architecture and channel stacking technology, we can create reliable site wide wireless networks without co-channel interference: Networks which use the whole wireless spectrum and where adding more access points continues to add to performance.

Example Outdoor Wireless Networks

  • Sports Stadia and Football Grounds
  • Horse Racing Courses
  • Music Events and Outdoor Arenas
  • Train Stations and Bus Stations
  • Outdoor (and indoor) Shopping Centres

Real World Outdoor Wireless Network Installations

Fortinet is already being leveraged for large areas with multiple outdoor access points, as well as high densities of users. For example, a sports stadium with an outdoor wireless network that handles:

  • Wireless Connection and availability for up to 50,445 people.
  • Reliable and secure outdoor wireless networks for stadium operations.
  • VoIP for Operations staff.
  • Data access for point of sale systems.
  • Guest access for Internet and video streaming.

More Information

If you looking for more information about secure outdoor wireless networks or access for high levels of users; or if you are a reseller looking for design and outdoor wireless network support using proven advanced technology, why not contact us today?