Wireless Networks for Education

Secure Wireless Networks For Schools, Colleges and Universities

From Infant and Junior Schools; comprehensive schools (both public, private and academies); all the way through to colleges and universities – the way education is being delivered by technology is changing rapidly.

Students now have access to interactive delivery of education using computers, iPads, tablets and a range of wireless devices. And, as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment becomes more prominent, there are serious challenges facing educational establishments when it comes to having the infrastructure for secure wireless networks that can manage high user densities and a diverse range of  devices.

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Education makes unique demands on wireless

BYOD in education - girls with ipad learningWireless devices are widely used to deliver and support learning within education – and it’s growing at a pace – with a 1:1 or greater device : pupil ratio.

When it comes to the wireless network requirements for most schools, colleges and universities, it is for a wireless network that works on demand! It must be reliable:

  • Always available
  • Available everywhere
  • Consistent performance
  • No dropouts

The wireless network must be fast enough to handle education educational applications (including multi-media and video) everywhere, for the required user densities that come with group learning in the classroom, and support the roaming / mobility requirement that tablets and “bring your own device” are bringing to schools and colleges.

Solid Wireless Architecture – Perfect for Education

Fortinet’s fourth generation architecture is unique in its support for the educational environment. Fortinet technologies, such as single channel wireless, air traffic control, and network controlled zero handoff roaming, provide reliable coverage and support high user densities of roaming devices.

These technologies have led to Fortinet becoming the de-facto standard for educational 802.11n wireless implementations, with over 1000 schools colleges and universities choosing Fortinet since the ratification of 802.11n.

Cost-Effective Wireless for Education

Fortinet wireless networks require fewer access points throughout your school than other wireless solutions, stretching your schools IT budget further and simplifying management. A number of local councils and school IT directors are already choosing Fortinet Wireless Solutions for their schools and colleges throughout the UK; with further roll-outs planned.

Contact us today and we will identify relevant test sites of schools and colleges already running our wireless network solutions for you to see for yourself.

Video Demonstrations of Fortinet Wireless Networks Being Used for Education

You can see a number of video demonstrations and Testimonials for Fortinet (previously Meru Networks) being used in schools and colleges in the UK. Below, is a demonstration of the power and reliability of Fortinet being used for multiple devices, high density user and bandwidth-hungry data transfer.