Bring Your Own Device

BYOD Bring Your Own DeviceThe proliferation of wi-fi enabled smartphones and tablets is driving a transformation in the delivery of IT services across many market sectors. Both registered (AD members) and non registered users are seeking access to internet and corporate resources via devices that they own.

BYOD Revolution

There are many benefits for the organisations effected, but the “bring your own device” revolution brings its problems too. Exertis has a unique solution to the challenges of Bring Your Own Device, with products from Fortinet and Bradford.

Our solutions address the three key challenges of the Bring Your Own Device environment:

1. Definition and Enforcement of BYOD Policy

Most organisations have policies for security and acceptable use. A Bring Your Own Device Policy must be defined and documented, communicated  to the users, accepted by the users, enforced on the network and reported upon.

The Bradford Networks Product is the ideal solution for ensuring your network is compliant with security policies offering features such as end-point compliance for the wired and wireless network.

2. The Balance between Security, Access and Operational Complexity.

Security is about enforcing the BYOD policy: Providing appropriate access based on user, role, time, location, device, and device status. Products from Bradford Networks are the solution for role-based access control for wired and wireless networks.

When it comes to guest management, user management and device management, there must also be a balance between access and security without creating undue complexity for the users, or undue work for the IT department.

  • Meru Identity Manager delegates the task of creating guest credentials to the guest sponsors, or, the guests themselves (download the Meru Identity Manager Datasheet).
  • Meru Smart Connect enables guest devices owned by active directory users and guest users to be automatically secured and encrypted. (download the Meru Smart Connect Datasheet).

3. Performance and reliability for high densities of roaming users.

The purpose of a Bring Your Own Device policy is to allow users and guests access to network resources from wireless devices. This means allowing high densities of users onto the network, providing access while the users roam, and supporting mission critical applications for these users with appropriate SLA.

This is where Meru Networks comes into its own, with industry leading technology for managed wireless networks that support high user densities in the BYOD environment.

BYOD Resources from Exertis

Identity Manager -guest management software

Smart Connect  – device security profile provisioning solution

  1. Smart Connect – Simple, Secure WLAN Access (pdf 1,560kb)
  2. Connecting Users to Applications Whitepaper – The End of the Line for Edge Switches (pdf 1,748kb)

Bring Your Own Device Demonstration

Exertis has a demonstration facility offering access to a cloud hosted identity manager and smart connect solution that demonstrates the BYOD environment.

For access please contact your Exertis representitive.