The Exertis Application & Communication Eco-system

The Exertis ACE program provides business mobility solutions, bringing together the leading players in enterprise communication, with innovative application developers, and purpose built hardware to deliver complete certified solutions into the hands of the mobile workforce.

These mobility solutions help organisations in healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and many other industries improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and deliver against KPI’s. They are implemented on durable reliable hardware designed for use in harsh environments and offering business functionality not usually associated with mobile devices.

For Enterprise Customers

nurse using mobile deviceThe Exertis ACE program offers an enterprise mobility solution which can be delivered to meet strict service delivery and service level requirements.

For Integrators

ACE brings solutions which meet the requirements of major customers. It transforms a product sale into a solution sale. It offers differentiation in high value opportunities.

For Application Developers

ACE offers access to large corporate end users, via major system integrators. It offers a selection of stable platforms, designed for the mobile work force on which to deliver their solutions. The platforms are certified interoperable with corporate networks and communication solutions, and with other participating application vendors’ solutions. They offer either Android or XML / Micro browser solutions, with market leading IP voice quality, integrated barcode scanner options, and a rugged washable construction.



Spectralink UKDevices form the centerpiece of the ACE eco system. ACE is sponsored by Spectralink, a world leading manufacturer of devices for the mobile workforce and manufacturer of the worlds only Microsft Lync certified wi-fi handset.

Spectralink help organisations rethink BYOD and Smartphones in the mobile enterprise

In many industries (including healthcare, hospitality, retail, logistics and manufacturing) there are large numbers of employees for whom smartphones are not well suited. This may be for reasons of functionality, security, total cost of ownership, reliability, durability or stability as an application platform.

The ACE eco-system is aimed towards these organisations that are rethinking smartphones for the mobile enterprise workforce.

Find Out More

For more information about ACE and  to find  out how it can benefit your organisation, please contact your Exertis representitive.