logoProximus is a Wi-Fi location analytics tool.

The solution captures data on the presence of Wi-Fi devices within the area covered by Wi-Fi networks, and provides analytics on their location. The devices do not need to be connected, they just need Wi-Fi enabled.

Designed for retail and hospitality vertical markets, Proximus enables businesses to make decisions on staffing, store layout, product placement, advertising and offers using real consumer location data.

Proximus was designed around Fortinet-Meru Wi-Fi. The solution integrates with the Meru location feed to provide accurate second by second information.

This is then presented via graphical dashboards to show information including:

– Whether visitors are new or returning.
– How many times they have visited in the last time period.
– Where they go while on location and how log they stay in each zone.

The system also integrates with back office solutions to enable location based marketing and to correlate visits and time in location with sales of different product lines.

Proximus is a cloud based solution.


Proximus 1

Proximus 2

Proximus 3

Proximus 4


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