Nomadix, the leading provider of intelligent network devices, offers reliable and secure wireless computing, bandwidth management, visitor based networks and public Internet access solutions for businesses of any size.

With a range of Internet access gateways powered by the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software, Nomadix can provide public connectivity to patrons visiting your business. This connection can be wireless or wired, allowing maximum flexibility for the operators and end users.

This way, you can market a satisfactory customer service experience, as well as your product or service, to your customers.


Depending on the size of your user base, you can deploy a visitor-based network or a metropolitan Wi-Fi Hot Zone with the NSE.

Nomadix-enabled networks allow users to transfer their devices to different locations while maintaining an online connection, facilitating profit opportunities for providers of each network.


Having shipped more than 50,000 units globally in the past 10 years, the Nomadix access gateway is the market leader in monetizing access to the Internet at public venues. The NSE software was developed in-house, resulting in more than 100 patents in 15 unique areas of functionality required for public access networks.


Access Gateways

Nomadix’s next-generation, high-performance Internet access gateways (AGs) expand wired or Wi-Fi bandwidth reach to create public Internet access networks, which establishes an added revenue source for your business and keeps your customers coming back. With Nomadix, establishing a guest network has never been faster or easier.

Nomadix is continually enhancing its Internet Access Gateways with new software for added flexibility and management.


The Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimiser (NITO) is a powerful, high-speed, cost-effective appliance designed to maximise the use of existing bandwidth and service more users with higher network demands.

NITO enables IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage to provide them with data insights to more efficiently allocate bandwidth and throttle traffic accordingly.

NITO’s platform is built upon Intel’s high-performance i7 Core processor, which delivers fast, intelligent, multi-core technology. Working transparently in the background, NITO operates with minimal latency when inspecting and filtering unwanted traffic and does not disrupt traffic flow.

NITO reduces the propagation of unwanted data and information to lessen the burden on the networking infrastructure. Web content filtering and network security features protect both the network and its users.

NITO- product

Bandwidth Management

Nomadix products enable you to better manage and control bandwidth. Nomadix gateways provide the on-ramp to service visitors, while the Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimiser (NITO) boosts available bandwidth and allows IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage for intelligent management and allocation. The combination of the two appliances ensures fair and fast bandwidth for public access to keep Internet traffic flowing, leading to an improved user experience.

There are two types of bandwidth management: per device and per application.

Per Device Bandwidth Control

Per device control of bandwidth increases the ability of visitors to access the Internet and uses the bandwidth that is available, without a small group of users hogging the existing bandwidth. Bandwidth caps allow for a balanced utilization. Nomadix gateways can group specific devices together under a single bandwidth cap – for instance, a single user with multiple devices is given a single umbrella cap for all the devices. Caps can be defined and applied flexibility to create tiered pricing models that allow you to monetize the bandwidth provided to your visitors. In addition, individual users can self provision and determine if they would like a larger amount of available bandwidth.

Per Application Bandwidth Control

Per application control of bandwidth involves managing the traffic level – in other words, what are the devices accessing the network doing? What sites are they visiting? What type of content are they accessing? Are they surfing the Web or streaming movies? All these questions affect bandwidth. The NITO uses a layer 7 deep packet inspection approach to identify and monitor the network to collect information needed to create detailed reports of user activity. Once armed with this information, NITO allows you to easily set limits to specific applications to provide a better user experience for all visitors.

Hotel Wi-Fi with Samsung and Nomadix


People are so used to being connected to the internet that they now expect
Wi-Fi wherever they go. This includes hotels. One of the main deciding factors for hotel guests is whether there is free Wi-Fi.

Great Wi-Fi infrastructure

Wi-fi infrastructure


Nomadix Internet Access Gateway

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