Siracom Stadium Solution

high density outdoor wireless networksNow that everyone has a mobile device, wi-fi in stadiums is an excellent way to identify, engage, stimulate and monetise the crowd.

If you have the right wi-fi, then using it to deliver a fan engagement application is a no-brainer.

These applications  provide club and team information, live scoreboards, blogs and chat. They deliver club social media feeds, sponsorship and advertising opportunities and integrate with existing hospitality, merchandising, and gaming systems, increasing match day revenues and providing greater fan engagement. The revenue model is clear and definitive.

Siracom offers its resellers a fully integrated tried and tested end to end solution, consisting wi-fi, auto on-boarding solution, specialist antennas and housings, internet traffic shaping, safety and security solutions, video capture, encoding and delivery systems, and of course, the fan engagement application.

The hard bit is delivering video to the crowd. The challenge is to deliver a live video stream. Deliver a near-live stream enabling  the user to pause and rewind the match, and offer access to a bank of video clips. All to be available on demand to the entire crowd.

From a wi-fi point of view the challenges are:

  • a large and complex venue,
  • a high bandwidth time sensitive application
  • a packed and mobile crowd.

Meru’s unique air-virtualisation is ideally suited to this environment, enabling wi-fi to deliver every ounce of performance the air can offer.

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