Mobile FLEX

Meru have made some major new announcements. Information can be found at mobile flex press release

The announcements include new products, enhancements to some of the existing products and a coherent new architecture which describes Merus entire product range, strength and strategy. MobileFLEX.

Innovations include:

Apple Bonjour Support :- More than a Bonjour gateway, this product enables Bonjour services to be advertised across multiple subnets, but gives IT departments control over the services.

Meru have also enhanced the device finger printing available with IDM,. This enables it to understand what type of device is connecting. It uses this information with information already held on user identity, location and time of day toenable “Who what when where” control of Apple services.

Context Aware Application Layers (CALs):- By knowing device type identity and location, user identity, etc, Meru is said to be “context aware.

Meru has always been able to layer channels. With enhancements to the policy enforcement module, Meru are now able to use the “context” to assign devices to channel layers for specific purposes.

This is a unique and an incredibly powerful way of expanding network capacity, whilst maintaining performance and reliability for critical applications.


Mobile Flex Architecture Brochure


Meru Context – Aware Application Layers Brochure


Meru Mobile Flex – An Architecture Overview White Paper