Meru Enhances Guest Management Offering with Acquisition of Identity Networks

Meru has announced the acquisition of Identity Networks, who’s guest management product is well known to Siracom customers. The Identity Networks product enhances Meru’s offering in the areas of guest and device management.

Guest Management

The guest management solution enables the IT department to delegate the production of guest credentials to the people who invite the guests, it automates the process of notifying the guest of their credentials and manages the lifetime of the credentials (expiry). It also provides management tools to monitor and report on guest activity.

Create and Email guest credentials

People who need to create guest accounts are called guest sponsors. Sponsors log in to the guest sponsor portal, enter guest details and then the system creates guest credentials and access rights.  Credentials are  then printed  or emailed / sms messaged to the guest. Guests then gain access via a captive portal. A self service kiosk and payment system is also available.

Device Management and Bring Your Own Device

There is also functionality for active directory users visiting with their own device. When an AD user connects to the network the captive portal  redirects the browser to a provisioning server. Once the user is authenticated the provisioning server loads an app. on the user device. This app. autoconfigures corporate 802.1x settings on the device.

Once configured this enables the user to connect to the corporate network, using 802.1x / wpa2 every time they visit – without manual configuration.

Bradford Networks

For those wishing to take security a step further Siracom offers Bradford Networks. Bradford is a multivendor product supporting wired, wireless and vpn (as is Identity Manager)
Bradford takes network access control a step or two further managing the whole connection cycle for people and devices.
Bradford offers a comprehensive security solution including:

Access Control

Identity based access control, role based access control and device based access control

Endpoint Compliance

Enabling policies that allow or prohibit access based on the security posture of the end device (patches/AV etc), and automates remediation

Adaptive Security

Operates with other security devices to continuously reassess access rights based on security stance and network activity.

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