Lightspeed Systems launches redesigned My Big Campus!

Take a quick look here:

As part of the redesign, My Big Campus users are now greeted with an all new homepage, featuring a simplified sign-in process and specific site information tabs for students, teachers, parents, IT and school administrators. For new users and visitors to the site, an updated, comprehensive Campus Tour is also featured on the homepage—ensuring teachers and administrators have quick, easy access to learn more about site components. Student safety is the foundation of My Big Campus and continues to be a focus with the updated site. Every My Big Campus account is initiated by a verified educator and all student and school information entered is confirmed by Lightspeed Systems before accounts become active—truly creating a safe online learning environment.

Two focal points of the redesign are the educational resource library and all-new Drive. To make searching easier and comprehensive of all educator contributions to the site, the library now houses not only filtered and approved YouTube videos, websites, learning objects, and shared files, it also includes published lesson “Bundles” and Schoolwork assignments and assessments .

All resources can now be categorised, filtered, and searched by key stages, topic, media type, subject, grade level, rating, and origin—so users can filter search results for content contributed by themselves, their school, or the wider My Big Campus community. The improved page navigation ensures the right resource is available to teachers and students with just a couple of clicks—making learning engaging, safe, and fun.

The all-new Drive replaces Your Stuff to provide the My Big Campus community with a folder system organisation of all resources added to the site. Teachers and students now look in one place for everything they created or added to My Big Campus, including uploaded files, Library contributions, photos, My Big Campus Documents, Schoolwork, Bundles, and more. These resources can be easily published, assigned, moved, renamed, and deleted—providing My Big Campus users with the granular organisation they need.

In addition, the new My Big Campus redesign includes:

  •     Multi-language support
  •     Responsive browser to accommodate screen sizes of mobile devices
  •     New Android and iOS apps
  •     And more—all with a fresh, modern new design

“Our two preview webinars garnered responses like, ‘My students and I are super excited’ and ‘Love the new Drive feature’,” shares Merleen Johnson, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Lightspeed Systems. “Their feedback is so important and reaffirms how in tune we stay with our user base.”

Part learning management system, part social network, and part content management system, My Big Campus is the one solution schools need for safe, mobile, and collaborative learning.

The redesigned site has now gone live (week commencing 1st July).