iOS6 enables Lightspeed to extend MDM functionality

With the release of Apple iOS  V6 Lightspeed is able to announce enhanced functionality for its MDM solution.

New functionality includes:

  • Centralised application purchasing with integration into Apple Volume Purchasing Program
    • Enables apps to be purchased and deployed to devices or groups of devices (cart, class, year-group, school, L.A) without user intervention
    • Centralises billing. Volume pricing.
  • Guided Application Mode – to remove device based behavioural problems
    • Enables teachers to easily select a group of devices and place them in guided app mode.
    • Guided app mode allows teacher to select an app, and prohibits devices from using any other app.
  • Mass device enrolment
    • Extends Lightspeeds simple enrolment solution to enable many devices to be registered with the MDM in one operation

The MDM solution still has a list price of £5 per device per year.

Further information is available at:

Lightspeed Overview

Lightspeed MDM

Or  contact Siracom on 01256 844259 for a chat.