Introducing Lightspeed Mobile Device Manager

lightspeed mdmWe are pleased to announce Lightspeed MDM , the first Mobile Device Manager designed for schools.

At a list price of £5 per device per year, Lightspeed MDM will:

  • Simplify School and Local Authority device deployments
  • Ensure safe use of devices by students in school and at home.
  • Simplify ¬†application deployment and device configuration
  • Centralise and control application and media purchasing.
  • Empower teachers to control ¬†feature and application use
  • Manage hardware and software inventory

Lightspeed MDM operates standalone, or can be used with the Lightspeed web filter, mobile filter, and MyBigCampus to create a safe learning environment at school, and beyond the school gates, under the control of school management and teachers.

Find out more about Lightspeed MDM here.