Pre-Sales Fortinet Webinars

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We are holding a series of webinars to introduce Fortinet products to technical sales people and pre-sales engineers. The first three are:

  • Fortinet Infrastructure Wi-Fi

    In July 2015, Fortinet acquired Meru Networks and integrated their products into the Fortinet range as Fortinet Infrastructure Wi-Fi. This webinar describes the unique technology advantages of the product and when, where and why we should bid it.

    To register for the Fortinet Infrastructure Wi-Fi webinar, please click here

  • Introduction to FortiPresence and Demonstration

    FortiPresence is a solution for the retail and hospitality industries that enables organisations to engage with their customers over Wi-Fi and gain customer insight.

    To register for the FortiPresence webinar, please click here

  • Introduction to FortiCloud

    FortiCloud is Cloud-based provisioning, Configuration Management and Analytics service for FortiGate®,FortiWiFi® and FortiAP® product lines.

    To register for the FortiCloud webinar, please click here