Lightspeed Systems Power Management

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Reduce utility costs with automated power management

Lightspeed Systems UK DistributorEnergy consumed by unattended, unused computers across your network can drain your budget, as well as natural resources. Yet users and IT staff are often too busy to manually manage power usage. Lightspeed Systems Power Management provides sustainable energy savings across your network by monitoring energy usage and directing low-power states and shutdown times. Utility cost-savings of up to £40 per PC per year are documented with detailed reports.


  • Detailed reports measure energy usage and savings by individual machine.
  • Customisable Aggressive, Moderate, Relaxed, and No power management policies.
  • Shutdown, reboot, standby, or wake on LAN power events.
  • Scheduling by day and time.
  • Easy deployment using Active Directory or Zenworks group policies to push out client software.
  • Centralised controls within the Lightspeed Systems interface.
  • Power event overrides to accommodate weekly software updates.
  • Workstation grouping to simplify large deployments.
  • Wake-on-LAN capabilities for updates and remote management.

With Lightspeed Systems Power Management, you can:

Save money by powering down unused computers.
Easily conserve and control energy consumption and costs.
Balance the needs of your users with automated alerts and bypass capabilities.
Customise inactivity definitions based on user requirements.

policy management with Lightspeed Power Manager

Easily configure Lightspeed Systems Power Management policies to meet your needs.

Power Savings with Lightspeed Power Manager

The Power Manager Savings by Computer report provides an overview of monetary savings over a specified date range.

More Information

Find out more about Power Management on the Lightspeed Systems Website, download the Power Manager Datasheet (PDF) or fill in the form below to arrange an online demonstration.

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