Global Reach

Global Reach Public WiFiGlobal Reach provides a solution which operates with existing or new Wi-Fi infrastructure to help organisations extract the maximum value from their public wireless networks.

Designed for sectors that provide wireless access for the public, including retail, hospitality, transport, healthcare,  and FE/HE it is widely implemented in the UK and around the world and boasts  reference customers such as the London Underground,  Birmingham Airport and The Commonwealth Games

The solution offers a great “value exchange” offering benefit to the consumer and the provider of the wireless solution.

For Consumers

airport public wi-fiIt offers consumers  access to a (usually) free wi-fi connection. With simple registration via social login.  It enables the wireless operator to enhance the consumer’s  experience with information and offers, which are relevant to time, location, and the users’ social profile.

For the Wi-Fi Provider

It offers sophisticated analytics, and many opportunities for the monetisation of wireless. It removes the headache of data protection, privacy and legal compliance, and removes the complexity of  multi-language support.

For Resellers

Available as a channel product or white label solution, and in cloud or distributed architecture Global Reach puts resellers at the heart of large wireless deployments and offers excellent margins and service revenue opportunities.

Creating value from your public Wi-Fi

Odyssys® is a cloud-based WiFi software as a service that allows you to increase the value of your customer relationships by taking control of your guest WiFi. It gives you the power to use your Free WiFi to target customers with relevant content and offers, creating a richer customer experience, so they spend more time and money with you.

Suitable for retail outlets; public areas of business premises, i.e. receptions, meeting rooms; conferences and events; travel and transport; educational establishments; and hospitality.

Driving better customer engagement

Know your customer and enable personalisation – Customer data is available in real-time, so you can learn your customers’ habits: demographics – age and gender; time of day and usage data

  • Drive more customers to your venue  – Advanced location analytics lets you monitor footfall and target audiences based on location
  • WiFi marketing – Tailor your customers’ experience with your branding email campaigns and location, time and demographics relevant content, services and offers
  • Increase customer loyalty – APIs allow you to target your customers better by integrating your Odyssys® WiFi with your CRM system or advertising solutions
  • Social WiFi – Easy customer log-in via Facebook, Twitter Google+ or LinkedIn account, increases your fan base as customers ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you
  • Multi-lingual support – Odyssys® supports 126 languages

Take control of your wireless network

  • Bandwidth limiting and user access – Offer equal access to customers of your network, by limiting access bandwidths and time
  • Content filtering – Control and blocking of content can be managed at the device, user or network level to protect your customers and your brand reputation
  • Data protection – Your customers can browse safe in the knowledge that their data is safe because we ensure all data protection and retention requirements are met
  • Privacy – Assigns addresses that enable anonymous identification of the user for connection and governance
  • Pay as you go – Allow your customers the option of paying for internet access at prices you decide and for time blocks
  • Network reporting – Monitor the performance of your network and ensure it’s working for you

Simple and Flexible

Works with all major WiFi hardware – Odyssys® is hardware agnostic – it works with all major WiFi manufacturers, so whatever your platform, you can access our software and be up and running in minutes across multiple sites.

Simple set-up – Setting-up your Odyssys® WiFi couldn’t be easier, as our software is cloud-based and hardware agnostic. So, simply plug in to your WiFi network and use the site set-up wizard to create a new customer experience within seconds.

Easy to use  – Once you’re up and running our online dashboard is simple to use, so you can quickly and easily review customer analytics, manage how your customers and visitors access your WiFi (when and for how long) and create new marketing campaigns. Manage the traffic by device or network, within and across venues. View the status of your network to manage the health of your WiFi.

Powerful Reliability

Reliable – Odyssys® is a carrier grade WiFi service. It has been built to power environments supporting millions of concurrent users where reliability is key. Hosted in the cloud, we provide 99.9% up time and because it’s in the cloud, it scales with you, so as your business grows your WiFi grows.

Secure – Odyssys® is a cloud service that provides a managed RADIUS / AAA and 802.1X access security solution. Now you can securely authenticate and control network access for all your users and devices without the cost and complexity of an on-premises RADIUS deployment

Captive portal – Our Captive Portal is a cloud services platform that lets businesses easily deploy WiFi access via browser-based login, to easily connect and engage with on-site WiFi customers to upsell products, augment branding and customer loyalty programs, and influence visitors.

Enterprise Network Provision

The Odyssys® platform can also be used to power your private enterprise WiFi, providing secure network access to your staff.

More Information

For more information about Odyssys® and Global Reach products, please contact us