Foldr – The Private Cloud Storage Solution

Foldr is a virtualised solution which enables BYOD and Tablet Scheme devices to Securely Utilise Corporate Storage from any location.

What will Foldr do for me?

Foldr enables organisations to use their own private servers to provide a “cloud” storage solution for their users. This solution enables access to your on-premises file storage from anywhere, using any device.  With Foldr remote workers can access network resources quickly and easily, BYOD becomes a reality and integration and workflow issues that can affect tablet schemes are overcome.


What is the difference between Private Cloud Storage and Public Cloud Storage?

Foldr provides functionality normally associated with public cloud storage solutions, however the data is stored on private storage devices within the end-user organisations’ network.

This private cloud solution:

  • Reduces Internet Connection Load
    Data is stored within the network. If users are on the same site as the storage solution WAN/Internet traffic is reduced
  • Meets compliance standards and legislation
    Companies know where there data is and can secure the data, using their private data integrity systems.
  • Improves Security
    Data is stored within the network.  Organisations can secure data and access to the data using their private data security systems. Access to the data is controlled using existing directory credentials and permissions.
  • Simplifies File Management
    Data is not copied to another location. Existing folder structures, access rights, and credential management are used.

What Features Does Foldr Provide?

Network Drives for Tablets and browsers.

Network drives and personal folders are made available via an App for users of iOS or Android devices, and via any HTML5 web browser to other devices.

foldr devices

From a browser:

  • Users can create folders and delete folders
  • Download files from a folder to the device
  • Upload files from the device to folders
  • Share files and folders via public and private time limited or perpetual link

From a tablet:

  • All browser functionality plus…
  • Cache files locally
  • Open files in applications such as mail, keynote, pages, and many more
  • Save files from applications  such as mail, keynote, pages and many more

Directory Services Integration

Devices are authenticated using their Active Directory, OpenDirectory or OpenLDAP  user name and password, and gain access to appropriate personal folders and shares (called folders from now on) according to their existing access privileges.

Data Security

In addition to respecting existing network security, Foldr utilises  end-to-end encryption via HTTPS/SSL. Users can safely access data from any location that the organisation allows, either internally or on the internet.

Device Sharing

Shared device mode designed to enable file access when device is not a personal device.

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More Information

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