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As Education establishments and Enterprises embrace cloud technology and the consumerisation of computing devices, they face new security, safety and performance challenges.

These challenges can be met by integrating a plethora of solutions or with a single “one box” unified solution from Cyberoam.

The Cyberoam solution combines a unified threat management system, next generation firewall and WAN connection management solution in a single platform with a single configuration management and reporting engine.Click here to download the

Addressing Internet Security Issues with a Next Generation Firewall

In the cloud era IP addresses and “ ports” can no longer be relied on to control internet access as many applications operate over the same “port” (ie HTTP- Port 80, SSL port 83) and as access to some resources is appropriate for some users and not others.

Cyberoams Next Generation firewallCyberoams Next Generation firewall user identity and group membership, application identity, time and location as parameters to block and allow packets. Rules therefore enable network administrators to decide who can have access to what application when and where.

Another facet of the cloud era is that many organisations provide cloud services to internal and external users using privately hosted “internal” web servers. Cyberoam enables these services to be protected against threat internal and external users.

Cyberoam Layer 8 Technology Application Firewall

Addressing Internet Performance and Availability Issues with WAN connection Management

As more resources are located in the cloud the internet connection becomes a mission critical piece of infrastructure.

Cyberoam enables management of individual links to optimise performance, and load balance across multiple links to provide scaleability and resilience.

Link Management

The Cyberoam firewall enables internet bandwidth to be reserved and prioritised based on any combination of user identity, group membership, application application type, source, destination and time of day. This allows organisations to ensure that bandwidth is allocated appropriately.

Managing bandwidth the user based approach

Link Load Balancing

Cyberoam provides sophisticated load balancing across multiple WAN links. This enables bandwidth to be made scaleable, and resilient against line or service provider failure.

Whitepaper on Loadbalancing and failover

Managing Internet Threats with a Unified Threat Manager

New words have entered the IT security dictionary including Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spam, Spyware, Adware. data leakage, rogue intruder, and hacker. For each there is an antonym…. anti-virus, anti-spam etc.

The Cyberoam solution offers a single integrated solution to these threats.

Cost Effective, Scaleable, Appliance Based Or Virtualised

Cyberoam is available on a range of appliances or as a virtualised solution. The appliances scale offering a cost effective solution for the smallest schools and businesses up to enterprise and local authority wide deployments.

firewall throughputs with Cyberoam

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