Cloudpath NetworksCloudpath Networks is the industry leader for secure Automated Device Enablement (ADE)

The Cloudpath Express Connect solution enables organisations to allow known users and guests to access network resources, using corporate and personal devices, in a manner that is sustainable and scaleable, and complies with security policy.


Using the Cloudpath intuitive workflow engine and certificate management solution:

  • Network Administrators are able to define, implement, update and enforce their security and access policy.
  • Express Connect assesses devices for type, ownership and configuration. It identifies known users and determines group membership, it automates the delivery of guest credentials. It determines the appropriate policy for each connecting person / device and automatically configures devices to enable access whilst enforcing policy.
  • Network Users / Devices are quickly automatically and effortlessly connected to the wired or wireless network, with access to resources appropriate to their identity, role and device. They achieve this without infringement of the integrity or loss of control of their device. Their connection is enduring, and secure.

XpressConnect is a low cost, light touch solution that brings standards-based security to Guest, BYOD and “Corporate” environments for a wide range of wired and wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, phones and gaming machines and including, security cameras building management systems, printers and other “headless” devices.

XpressConnect ES Highlights

  • Automated onboarding for all users, including employees, guests, and contractors
  • Intuitive workflow engine for comprehensive policy-driven access
  • Distributes unique certificate per device based on policies
  • Built-in certificate infrastructure and RADIUS server
  • Automates EAP-TLS, the WPA2-Enterprise gold standard
  • Supports guest use cases, including sponsorship
  • Differentiates between IT-owned and personal devices
  • Provides visibility into users, devices, and policies
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services
  • Integrates with external LDAP and RADIUS servers
  • Integrates with your existing WLAN

XpressConnect is deployable on-premise as a VMware server(s) or is available as a cloud service.

Cloudpath Express Connect in Universities

Cloudpath Express Connect has become the de facto standard in universities for supporting large populations of unmanaged devices. Hundreds of universities now use XpressConnect to onboard millions of student devices around the globe.


  • Drives a higher utilization rate of secure WPA2-Enterprise wireless.
  • Eliminates captive portal fatigue associated with repeated logins.
  • Provides an easy-to-use, predictable onboarding experience, leading to higher Wi-Fi satisfaction among users.
  • Reduces support costs by significantly decreasing wireless-related trouble tickets.
  • Provide a proven model for eduroam participation.

XpressConnect ES, with its Automated Device Enablement™ (ADE) capabilities, makes EAP-TLS the new standard for secure Wi-Fi in higher education.

  • Extend 802.1x and WPA2-Enterprise to all users; including visitors, alumni, and contractors, for a uniform wired / wireless approach.
  • Eliminate the negative impact of password change policies on the wireless experience.
  • Increase security by replacing PEAP with EAP-TLS, and eliminate the caching and transmission of passwords on every connection.
  • Provide unmatched visibility and reporting related to users, devices, and policies.

Secure Wi-Fi for all. XpressConnect can make it happen on any campus, no matter the number of students or devices. Cloudpath Networks has securely onboarded millions of devices on campuses around the world. By using Automated Device Enablement™, we unlock the power of secure wireless for everyone entering an institution.

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