University of Sussex Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation For University Campus

sussex-imgThis video shows an overview and the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate Academy in Bolton. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


The University of Sussex has over 13,000 students from all around the world and over 2,100 staff. A popular university that is growing in stature, the university needed a wireless network solution which was flexible for growth, but robust enough to handle the high number, and density, of users.

The previous wireless network had reached maximum capacity with no upgrade path and the manufacturer could not support the growing demands being placed on the network. After complaints from students about connection issues, drop-outs and lack of coverage, the University approached Meru Networks.

The Meru Wireless Solution

A scaleable wireless network was designed by ADA Networks and installed across the campus for students and staff with around 1,500 internal and external access points servicing the 15,000 users.

With its single-cell architecture, Meru wireless access points do not need to be channel planned and avoid the costly and complex overlay networks other architectures require so the network at the university can be scaled as demand grows. For instance, the network has been rolled out further and now covers the 700 rooms within the Halls of Residence, enabling even wider access for students.

We set Meru a challenge. We said we want a new wi-fi system and we haven’t got a huge amount of effort to install it. Bring it along and show us it working. And they did. It was out of the box and and up and running within one day.”

Iain Stinson – Director if IT Services

Managing The Network

The team at the university control the network using Meru E(z)RF® Network Manager, enabling the network to handle the 15,000 users who are accessing all sorts of rich-content throughout the campus. Access points allow wi-fi not just in lecture halls, but also across open areas, such as cafés and the library, and outside areas.

Fault finding is made easier with Meru E(z)RF® Network Manager and users can be traced as they walk across campus to identify any problems, and, with the BYOD culture throughout the University, infected user devices can quickly be identified and disconnected from the network.


From having a wireless system that was at maximum capacity and could not grow with the University, students were beginning to feed back that the situation was hindering their learning.

With the support of Meru and ADA Networks, who demonstrated the robust nature of the wireless system, and its ease-of-use and scalability, the university now have a wireless network solution that can grow with them. Not only are current students benefiting from the Meru solution, but the top class network facilities are also helping the university to attract new students from around the world.

Siracom – The UKs leading Meru Distributor

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