Suffolk One Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation for Sixth Form College in Ipswich

Meru Installation Case Study for Suffolk One

This video shows an overview and the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate Sixth Form College in Suffolk. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


Suffolk One is an innovative sixth form college in Ipswich with a vision to develop an inclusive and inspirational learning centre and a collaborative learning community where all talents and achievements are equally valued. Integrating ICT into college life is at the heart of this vision. To this end, Suffolk One has a large population of school-owned devices used throughout the curriculum and operates a bring your own device policy encouraging pupils and staff to use their own technology for learning, communication and collaboration.

It was recognised that fast reliable wireless would be a key component in the successful delivery of this vision and a solution from Meru Networks was chosen. Its unique “virtualised wireless” technology was shown to provide a fast, reliable infrastructure solution across the whole campus for large numbers of mobile users. The wireless network solution was designed and integrated into the college by European Electronique. It allows Suffolk One to offer their full range of network services wirelessly to all students and staff throughout the campus.

The Meru wireless system is incredibly good and we’ve rarely had to think about it since we’ve been here. We have 0ver 750 laptops logging on every day and never suffer from performance issues.”

Simon Scholey, Network Manager

Comprehensive Network Access

In a college where students are encouraged to learn in any part of the building, network access is essential to support the creative learning environment. Meru’s innovative technology enables a consistent user experience for seamless working. Students are able to stay in touch with teachers via email and access internal resources and the Internet to aid their learning anywhere in the building at consistently high levels of performance, even with a high density of users.
The Technology

Suffolk One have a mixture of desktop computers, wireless laptops, thin clients and Apple Macs that need fast and reliable access to email and the Internet throughout the day and these seamlessly integrate with the Meru network as the hub.

Collaboration and Community

With technology placed at the heart of the college’s vision, the ICT department plays a central role. This collaborative environment creates a community feel to the college which brings together teachers, students, administration and encompasses the IT team.

Creative Learning

The college is keen to encourage students to try new ways of learning using technology to access information in a range of formats with video playing an ever increasing role.

Despite the increased bandwidth requirements, the Meru infrastructure seamlessly delivers video across the Wireless network throughout the campus as students make use of the designated learning and breakout spaces, using laptops, netbooks and desktop computers to access and share material.
The impact on teaching and learning at Suffolk One has been immense, with a seamless technology solution that supports staff and students with fast and dependable connectivity through the college.

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