St George’s School Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation For Secondary School in Kent

school wireless network implementation case studyThis case study shows the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate secondary school in Kent. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


St George’s Church of England Foundation School in Broadstairs, Kent, is thriving with a technology-driven learning environment and a Meru wireless network delivering robust connectivity for students and teachers throughout the school.

With around 1,200 students, St George’s wanted to provide fast and wireless access for all lessons and all classrooms, as well as network connectivity throughout the school to encourage anytime, anywhere learning access to a range of laptops and mobile devices.

Creative Learning

Because the Meru wireless networks offers seamless device mobility across the entire school, students are not only becoming more creative in the classroom, they are choosing to use their own time to log-on and collaborate with each other to develop coursework and stay up-to-date with homework.

They are using the network to access and share a wide range of content to enhance their learning experience. Video, audio and content from the web are being used to create a highly personalised way of understanding complex matters in a range of subjects.

Fast, Dependable Access

Despite the high densities of users, the Meru Wireless network provides fast and reliable access to content for the students through multiple access points that deliver higher data rates than a standard wireless network. This ensures there is no compromise on speed, connectivity or network coverage across the entire school.

Students have access to the network in every lesson through a range of desktop computers and laptops and they also have mobile devices in the class. These devices are used for assessments, logging data and also allow the students access to a range of resources online.

We had a situation where 200 students were all doing their English coursework, all independent, all doing something different, and all using the wireless networks.”

Kim Stoner – Principal


The Meru system has enabled anytime, anywhere learning at St George’s, with wireless network coverage across the whole of the school and the school field. This freedom of mobility and access is enabling teachers and students to work closely together in a more relaxed and collaborative environment.

The “chalk and talk” classroom method of teaching has been replaced with a more interactive experience which is bringing confidence to the students and allowing the school to drive it’s vision that “Nothing but the best will do”.

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