Southwark Primary

Meru Wireless Installation For Primary School in Nottingham

Primary School Wireless Network Case StudyThis case study shows the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate primary school in Nottingham. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


When Southwark Primary School in Nottingham moved into new facilities they were keen to make  ICT an integral part of the learning experience. 

Educating children from 3 to 11, the team realised that technology was going to be central to the lives of their students as they grow up and they wanted to use ICT to encourage them with a more interactive learning experience.

Making technology central to the classroom, a robust wireless network was required to ensure that a range of devices could access content with seamless connectivity and no interrupted learning.

Meru was pinpointed as the most effective option, with its pedigree in the education sector and its reputation for delivering simple connectivity for high densities of devices without compromising on speed or the quality of connection.

Engaged Learners

The wireless network is being used by teachers and students to access and share a wide range of content to enhance their learning experience.

Video, and other rich-content is used to create a engaging and fully-inclusive teaching experiences for the children, encouraging them to develop their education as well as their own ability to learn.

Access Anywhere

The entire school is being utilised to help stimulate the children using technology. Mobile devices are not only used in the classroom, but also in the hall and other open areas.

And, in the summer months the school field is sometimes used for lessons, with no degradation in the wireless connectivity throughout the entire facility. The whole class can easily connect to the network to access and share files simultaneously without interruption.


The Meru wireless network is a truly enabling technology at Southwark Primary School and is allowing the teachers to create engaging learning experiences for students as young as three.

With quick and easy access to so many resources via the network, different types of content is being accessed and shared with a classroom of students simultaneously, encouraging a creative learning environment and developing the childrens’ ICT skills for later life.

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