New Line Academy Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation For Learning Academy in Kent

Academy Wireless Network deployment case studyThis case study shows the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate learning academy in Kent. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


New Line Learning Academy in Kent introduced a completely new method of teaching to stimulate, inspire and raise the expectation of their students. The typical classroom has been replaced with ‘e-learning plazas’ that provide learning environments for up to 120 students at a time.

With working spaces that need to cater for high densities of users accessing interactive content, Meru was chosen as the the ideal wireless network solution.

Students can access and share different types of content – including audio and video – which is encouraging them to drive their own learning experiences and allows the teachers to facilitate a new, exciting method of teaching.

Simple Installation and Configuration

The Meru network was installed and configured by Building Zones within one day and has not required a single service call in the first six months – “It just works”, commented Charles, the network manager of the academy.

Meru is just like installing a wired switch. You put it in; you set up your VLAN; you set up your channels then turn it on and pretty much walk away and never have to go back. It really is a technology that takes the headache away.”

Jason Green – Building Zones

Network Scalability and Reliability

With the ability to layer channels, the Meru system was able to grow throughout the entire school with additional access points, allowing the students and teachers to work “anytime, anywhere”.

The increased reliability of the Meru wireless network has also reduced the burden on the IT department of the school, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Transforming Teaching

The Teachers are all equipped with mobile devices and are able to take registers, communicate electronically, update reports and collaborate with each other between teaching areas (and buildings) using the wireless network.

This ‘total coverage’ of wireless network throughout the school has also seen children continue collaborative learning sessions with each other during lunch-breaks, with the ability to work anywhere in the school with their mobile devices.


To maximise the creative “e-learning plazas” the school need a robust and seamless wireless network that enables fast access to intranets and content-rich data on the web; while, at the same time, handling high densities of users logging on simultaneously.

Meru proved itself to be best solution and continues to deliver a resilient and reliable wireless service through the school.

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