Newent Community School Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation For Community School in Gloucestershire

Case Study for College Wireless InstallationThis video shows an overview and the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate community school and sixth form college in Gloucestershire. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


Situated on the outskirts of Newent in Gloucestershire, Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre is a thriving comprehensive school with around 1300 students.

The use of technology at the school is driving a new way for students to learn, enhanced by the introduction of a Meru wireless network.

With seamless access to the wireless network, teachers and students are using laptops and mobile devices to access the VLE (virtual learning environment) and other web services to help devise new interactive learning experiences in the classroom.

High Density Of Users

Initially, to put the Meru wireless network to the test, the school ran a session to see how many concurrent users they could get using the network. To create an environment with as many different types of devices as possible, they invited a local school to bring in their Apple Laptops and encouraged sixth-form students to bring in their own devices.

In the single session they managed to have 200 devices all working off the wireless network, streaming video simultaneously – “without causing the system to blink!”

Throughout the day the school put the network through as many stress-tests as it could and each time the Meru network performed without a hitch. Due to the success of the testing, the Meru network has been rolled out throughout the school.

It’s been an absolute revelation because it now means we quickly can get all of our devices logged straight on when we need to.”

Ashley Mortimer – Science

Enabling A Personalised Learning Environment

With fast and easy access to the wireless network, teachers are able to create innovative learning plans that enable each student to work in a personalised way that suits them and working to different levels of ability.

The speed and efficiency of the wireless network is also encouraging students to work together collaboratively, using the schools VLE to populate shared files.


Because the Meru network is easy to access and offers fast connectivity throughout the day for everyone at the school, students and teachers are discovering new ways to create a different style of learning environment.

Even with high densities of users during lessons, the network delivers fast and seamless access to rich-content such as audio and video, creating a more interactive learning resource for all students.

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