Longfield Academy

Meru Wireless Installation For Kent Secondary School

Wireless Network Installation in Kent School

This video shows an overview and the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate Academy in Kent. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


Longfield Academy in Kent became part of the small schools initiative in 2009 and moved into its new building in September 2011.

With a vision of ‘Anytime, Anywhere Learning’, the school realised that technology would be central to ensure a creative environment and worked closely with 9ine Consulting to develop an ICT solution that would deliver the dream.

One-To-One Technology

Longfield boasts one-to-one technology learning and each student and teacher has an iPad, which thanks to a Meru wireless network, can be used throughout the academy building.

With around 1,400 concurrent connections each day, a robust and seamless solution was essential to allow fast access throughout the school – not just in the classroom.

Meru Networks

9ine Consulting had a roster of suppliers for wireless technology but decided on Meru as the only system that could deliver the required solution.

With ever changing technology and the increased demand for fast delivery of data, Meru demonstrated a capability and pedigree that made them the obvious technology to invest in.

We looked at all the main providers of wireless systems. Within the trust we have other providers, but they couldn’t deliver what we wanted and for that reason, we chose Meru.”

Mark Orhison – Managing Director 9ine Consulting

Solution Delivery

With hundreds of access points throughout the academy, the Meru system seamlessly handles the load bearing of the 1,400 devices in use, which are used to communicate with each other and access data on the Internet for interactive learning.

There were technical challenges involved with the integration of Apple iPads and very few UK installations to reference, but 9ine Consulting, with the support of Meru Networks, delivered a sustainable ICT solution to Longfield Academy that has exceeded the expectations of all involved.


Using iPads, teachers and students work in a the collaborative learning environment that was central to the academy vision. At the heart of the ICT that delivers this, is a need for instant and reliable access throughout the building as data is access and shared.

Meru technology was chose as the wireless network solution to support the mobile devices and continues to demonstrate that is is more than capable of supporting the environment, with a robust wireless network solution that seamlessly allows the creative learning environment to thrive.

Siracom – The UKs leading Meru Distributor

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