Essa Academy Case Study

Meru Wireless Installation for Secondary Education Academy in Bolton

Essa Meru Education InstallationThis video shows an overview and the impact of a Meru Wireless installation for this innovate Academy in Bolton. You can also download the case study as a PDF or read it below.


Essa Academy was set up in 2009 with a clear mission that “All Will Succeed”.

At the heart of this approach is the need to deliver a personalised experience to students, using technology to encourage creative learning.

Technology And Learning

To enable students and teachers to thrive in a technology-led environment, access to digital information needs to be seamless at all times and Meru Networks was the preferred technology to deliver a high performance wireless network throughout all areas of the campus.

Each of the 900 students at Essa is given an iPod Touch which is used for collaborative learning, both in and out of the classroom, and these combine with around 400 iPads and a range of Apple Mac Laptops in use throughout the academy. All of the devices have secure and seamless access to the Meru wireless network, which covers the entire academy – both internal and external facilities.

Students and teachers undertake daily tasks which rely on the network with a typical day seeing around 900 concurrent connections – from communicating with each other to accessing interactive content. The Meru wireless network delivers the required performance to the high density of users who often need immediate access to audio and video. For example, over 900 downloads of Revision Podcasts were recorded during one single exam period.

The wireless network had to be robust, allow constant access and be seamless, and that’s why we installed the Meru Wireless System”

Abdul Chohan, Director at Essa

Technology Enabling Teaching

Teachers at Essa use Apple iPads for a range of tasks throughout their day. Lessons are enhanced with interactive communication to Apple TVs, as well as
in-class communication between students in the classroom, sharing content quickly and seamlessly. They also use the devices to communicate with students, parents and colleagues using telephony delivered through the same Meru Wireless network.

Example Applications

  • A student’s work can shared during a lesson from their personalised iPod to the Apple TV in the classroom.
  • Best practice sporting techniques are shown to students in PE, with the teacher streaming video from YouTube to a screen in the Gym. Students then record their own techniques using iPads to analyse and enhance their own performance.
  • With over 35 languages in the school, students are personalising their in-class experience with their connected iPods, accessing data immediately in their native language. This enables them to stay on track with the syllabus and enhance their English language skills faster.
  • Teachers are using iPads to take class registers, communicate with parents (email and IP telephony) and deliver class plans to students. The devices also allow for collaborative communication between teachers and students on-site and at home.


Since investing in the technology and wireless infrastructure, Essa Academy has seen its exam performance increase significantly. They are also seeing substantial cost savings in other areas of the school with less books, paper and printing needed; not to mention the time savings from a more efficient workflow and communication channel.

The Meru Wireless Network is central to the Essa Academy mission that “All Will Succeed”. Students and teachers are benefiting from seamless access to the network and thriving from the wide range of quality interactive content that enables this creative learning environment.

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